Sunday, September 14, 2008

Narragansett, RI

The main theme surrounding all our activities during our family vacation in RI was food. We ate. A lot. Seafood mostly. There were these...

(Yes, we play with them before we cook them. I know, I know. It's awful. But fun:)

Which then turned into these...

Then there were some of these...

which were eaten so fast I didn't even get an after picture. (Beer can chicken is awsome by the way. If you haven't tried it yet, go get some beer. And some chicken. And then Google beer can chicken and make it. That's what we did!)

We also drove 30 miles to get donuts one morning. Totally worth it.

Lots of friends and family stopped by for a visit. Because if you have beach house, he will come. Or in our case, they.

Uncle Bruce and Great Uncle Ray

Aunty Kathy and Grandma Rose

And lots of others who were smart enough to stay out of the line of my camera so as to not end up on the internet. (I think they're catching on...)

Here is a shot of everyone that was actually staying at the house!

top row (Left to right): Aunt Peggy, Uncle Ron, Mom, Dad, Pat (Robin's mom)
sitting: Robin (sister in law), Matt (brother), me, A
And yes. We all have t shirts that say the name of the where we are... thanks Mom!

While we were in RI, we took a day trip to Newport to go to some of the mansions. They are spectacular. All built in the late 1800s/early 1900s, mostly by rich New Yorkers looking for a summer getaway.

Here is the biggest and baddest one of all, The Breakers...

front gate

back of the house

me & A on the back lawn (dirty hair again, are you noticing a trend yet??)

Behind all the mansions is the famous Newport Cliff Walk. They built a trail into the side of the ocean cliffs that you can walk on for a couple miles and goes right by all the different mansions. Here is a little piece of it...

We also visited Rosecliff, which my parents once attended a very small, simple wedding that had a measly 500 guests. We asked the guide how much it was to rent the place for a wedding... only $15,000 for the day. What a deal!

A and I got married at a mansion in CT that was built at the same time as the mansions in Newport by a man that thought Newport was too crowded. These mansions put his to shame.

I think my most favorite memory of the whole week though was standing in the exact spot on the exact rock in Scarborough Beach where A asked me to marry him and taking this picture...


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a romantic moment! And such a beautiful spot, too :D

Hmm.. I wonder how many buns I can keep, if I stayed in a mansion like that, lol!

Acacia said...

It's a wonderful trip with my favorite sea food.