Saturday, September 27, 2008

More about Cape Cod

Bunnygirl has demanded more info about Cape Cod! Just kidding:) So here it is!

We stayed in Dennis Port, MA, which is considered Mid-Cape. For those of you who aren't familiar with Cape Cod, the parts of the Cape are generally referred to as Upper Cape (closest to Boston), Mid Cape (in the middle), Lower Cape (the bend) and Outer Cape (way out there, the part with Welfleet and Provincetown).

We rented the condo through a realtor called Martha Murray Real Estate. I would definitely recommend them. It was super easy. You can book online and mail your check in. I had some questions when we were booking so I called up and they were more than happy to answer them for me without trying to pressure me to book on the spot. The unit we rented was Captain Chase Rd 176 #8. It was super tiny, but perfect for two people who aren't fussy and just want to be really close to the beach, which we were!

Dennis stretches from one side of the Cape clear to the other, so it borders Cape Cod Bay and Natucket Sound. The beach we were closest to was on the Southside, or the Sound side, called Glendon Road Beach. The way the beaches work in Dennis is you have to pay to park, but if you walk in, it's free! Daily parking fees were $15 and a weekly pass was $55. We didn't bother to get one since we were so close, we just walked right in every day and plopped down on the sand. If you wanted to get a pass though, you can drive over to the Town Hall to buy one. They were even open on Sundays just to sell them to all the tourists who arrive every Saturday afternoon! It was a small beach, but it never got too crowded. We talked about going to other beaches at some point to check them out, but we never did! It was just so easy to walk down the road and be at the beach the thought of loading everything in the car and driving somewhere seemed like too much to handle:) Maybe next time!

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Anonymous said...

My dream home is a house on the beach. I love the sound of the waves, it's so calming.. and the smell of the salty sea breeze.. ahhh!

And I second Bunnygirl's demand for more Cape Cod news ;)