Thursday, July 31, 2008

Watch out buns!

The buns are in for a surprise this weekend. They aren't going to know what happened to their world. I can feel the disapproval brewing already. A and I have been talking about "cleaning" and "rearranging" their room for a while now. First of all, Patch is in full on shed mode. There are clumps of white hair in every corner, tufts floating around in the breeze from the fan, and it's even starting to waft out into the hallway. I vacuum two times a week and I still can't get it all up. If our vacuum survives this weekend it will be a miracle.

Oh, and their newest trick is to jump up on top of A's desk and chew on anything and everything that's up there. A few weeks ago Patch got up there and was chewing on a wire that connects the computer to the speakers and sub wolfer. Well, he got through the wire casing and down to the wire and when he bit it, the speakers let out the LOUDEST scream of feedback I've ever hear. Patch went sailing off the desk, jumped over the baby gate, ran through the kitchen and into the basement so fast we didn't even know where he went! I'm surprised he didn't electrocute himself or give himself a heart attach. I think that rabbit is actually a cat that's now down to 8 lives.

So, our hope is to rearrange the room and find a way to secure the wires better so that they can't access them at. Although every time we think we've accomplished this, Patch finds a new way to get in trouble. I fully expect to walk in that room someday and find him suspended from the ceiling a la Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. And the funniest thing is that Pumpkin never used to do stuff like this! Patch is like this bad ass friend that moved in and convinced her to sneak out of the house to go drinking on a Friday night. She used to be so sweet and innocent. My poor baby has been corrupted...

Watch out buns! You're getting locked in the small cage for a while on Sunday. I know it will be traumatic and you'll be pissed at me for a few hours, but it's for your own good. Let the disapproval begin.


The Bunns said...

Oh Oh ...
We are sending a goodly shot of disapproval that way too!!!

Our cleaners use a shop vac, but still things look about like you described all the time around here.

Anonymous said...

Patch is my hero now! Love that spirit!

try contractors cloth - I actually stapled it to the back side of my desk so they can't get behind and to the wires, tho if they got on the desk they'd still get my speak wires

i did it behind my home ent. ctr too and it works great... they're ticked but it works (of course now with BDP rabbits don't get free range anymore :( )

have fun... and yeah, they won't like the change cuz buns don't like change!

pic of my setup:

Anonymous said...

LOL, Patch is such a colourful character. Pumpkin must be having loads of fun with Patch around!!