Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weekend Warriors

The curb appeal project continues! Last Wednesday, we came home to find out driveway blocked by this...

That's over a ton of stuff that the Honda just couldn't handle. Rocks, bricks, sand and top soil. What are we doing with it you might ask? Check this out!

"We" worked on it all weekend. I say "we" because really, let's be honest, A did most of the work. I am there merely to look cute and bring him water. I did help some. After A got the first row of bricks in the ground, I did most of the second layer, but that is the MUCH easier layer to put in. But he did take my suggestion and is creating a garden bed around the light pole so I can plant bulbs and next year we'll have pretty flowers! I'll keep you updated as "we" go.

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Rabbits' Guy said...

Beautiful landscaping, YoYo Ma and cute bunnies. Life is good.