Sunday, May 11, 2008


Dear Mom,

I found this blog the other day, and boy did it make me think of you:) It's emails from moms that people have sent in and they post on the site. Some of them are really out of context, but you can definitely tell that they are from a mom to their child.

We email all the time to each other at work. Even though I'm old and married now, you never let more than a day go by without checking in on me. Making sure everything is ok. When I was 18 years old and told you I wanted to go to music school, you never once said what you were really thinking... was this really a good idea? Was I ever going to get a good job? You supported me and told me to go for my dreams! And the ultimate test of a mother/daughter relationship HAS to be planning a wedding. You humored me for a whole year! Through all my crazy ideas and dreams of what "my day" would be. And you held it together till that last dress fitting when it was all just too much and your emotions came pouring out your eyeballs. Because your baby was getting married. Not only married, but this husband of hers was moving her 500 miles away from you. And you smiled and said go with him and make a life together. Take care of each other.Now that I'm back in school, you never forget when I have a test coming up and always email me the morning of to say good luck! or I know you'll do great!

I won't go into details, but it's been a rough week for you. I sent you flowers at work and you immediately called to say you shouldn't have. Because that's just who you are and in your mind, your kids should never spend money on you. Today is Mother's Day and I'm not with you. You're going to see your mom and I know you'll have a great day, but it still hurts me that I can't see you today. I know I'll see you in a couple weeks, but it's not the same. And even though we're not with you today, you must know we're thinking about you. Because really, everyday should be mother's day. You're not just my mom, you're my friend. And I love you.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!



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