Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend update

You're never going to believe this! A got me to do YARD WORK today! Can you believe it? I know, me neither.

You've seen the front yard but I won't even show you the backyard. Between the dog and a really long winter, it's not pretty. But we cleaned up a lot of the leaves that got covered in snow last fall before we had a chance to pick them up and I collected Henry's very large collection of sticks and threw them out. He wasn't pleased with me and couldn't understand WHY ON EARTH I would throw out sticks! He'll get over it. A let me use his leaf sucker/blower thing (properly supervised of course cause we all know me+power tools=imminent disaster). I kept sucking up all these poor little earth worms that were happily snoozing under the wet leaves. Made me feel bad. I saved a couple and put them in one part of the garden Henry hasn't dug up yet. But I definitely didn't feel bad about the 15 spiders I sucked up. Yuck.

We also got some culture in too of course. We went to see the ballet Cinderella today. It was a matinée so there were tons of kids there. Actually not so much kids as little girls. And they were all dressed up in princess dresses and they were wearing tiaras and had fairy godmother wands. I was totally jealous. I really wanted a fairy godmother wand but A wouldn't buy me one. Jerk.

On the bun front... check this picture out. Cuteness!

Patch is all flopped over and Pumpkin is snuggled up next to him. These two are just so cute!

Tomorrow night we're having dinner with the music director of the orchestra A works for. He's coming to pick us up just so he can see Henry and play with him. How funny is that!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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