Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend update

The weekend isn't over yet, but most of tomorrow will be spent at school doing homework with my group so... it might as well be!

First, some updates from last weekend...
It was the first nice spring weekend here so A started working on the landscaping in the front of The Zoo. Ever since we bought this house, we knew the shrubs in the front HAD to go. They are these huge, overgrown monster bushes that some previous owner trimmed from the bottom up and now look like massive bonsai trees gone wrong. So, this winter we decided that at the first thaw, they were coming out!


After... :)

He got all three bushes on one side of the house out. Easier said than done, let me tell you. It took 4 hours Saturday and 4 on Sunday. The roots were bigger than some trees and went really deep. But, my Handy Andy always gets the job done:) I know he can't wait to tackle the other three.

Last weekend, we also went out looking at bricks and things like that since A is planning to put in a retaining wall in the front yard and make a nice border for a flower bed for me. We're also looking for some planters to put flowers in and were driving around to some garden stores. On the way, we passed an antique co-op which I thought might be interesting. We popped in to take a look and found a '50s-'60s maple Ethan Allen corner cabinet that almost exactly matches our dining room set that my Poppy gave. We picked it up today and it looks perfect. I love it.

Jaime left today :( to get a head start going home since it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow (don't get me started... I thought it was spring, am I wrong??) Next time we see her they will probably be in their new house in Cincinnati! While she was here, they got an offer on their house in Boston and are closing the deal this week. They will move at the end of May. We're sad that their family will be even further away now, but happy that they get to start a new chapter in their lives. And hey, we've never been to Cincinnati, soooo..... Road trip! :)


Rabbits' Guy said...

A new home ... oh what fun! Those outside plans sound good .. we will want to follow the progress!

But, promise, no snow pictures until next Novemeber at least!

Anonymous said...

Uh...HELLOOOOOOOOOO, in your LOVELY STORY of a blog, you never mentioned the STRAPPING HANDSOME man who helped MOVE the damn thing into your dining room? You ungrateful witch....huh huh yeah.

Mrs. Staaaaaaaaaaaaatz