Friday, April 11, 2008


A's sister Jaime is here to visit! She's taking a much deserved break from her kids and decided to leave them with their dad and her in-laws for a few days and escape to The Zoo. We're happy to have her. Since A and I are both working today, she's off shopping and doing all the fun things that moms can't do when they have 4 little ones with them. I'm sure she's having fun and I wish I could join her!

The only downside is she has to put up with Henry while we're not there. In Jaime's words, "He acts just like my kids do when I leave them with a babysitter. They are good until you walk out the door... and then they're bad."


Rabbits' Guy said...

How do Pumkin and Patch like the new guest?

By the way, the gray whales are now migrating North from So. Calif to Alaska for the summer. A few come around here and one of them is named Patch for a certain mark on him. Patch has been coming for many years!!!

Google up OrcaNetwork and they have a daily report of whale sightings and Patch is often seen.

Erin said...

Pumpkin is (as always) wary of visitors. They must be disapproved of from afar until they have treats in their hands, and then maybe, MAYBE they're ok.

Patch just loves everyone who comes to visit. As I write, he is hopping around my feet begging for craisins.

I'm checking out the OrcaNetwork. Very cool! We don't usually get whales in Lake Ontario, but hey, you never know! :)