Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hello world!

Well, since this is my first post, I figured I should introduce everyone. I'm Erin and my other half is Andy. This is us at our wedding. That was a couple years ago....

When we got married, our zoo was small. Just this little girl, Princess Chloe.

Soon, however, we began to grow. Next came Pumpkin, the rex rabbit. I've had rabbits, before, but this was A's first and well, we both got a crash course in owning a rabbit who likes to chew...

After chewing though many chords (Ethernet, iPod, computer mouse, keyboard, miles of speaker wire, paper shredder, lamp... I'm sure I'm forgetting something...) we learned to deal. We now have a bunny proof room in our house where Pumpkin live, and a wireless mouse and keyboard. Live it, learn it.

After learning to live with a rabbit, we didn't feel like we'd been challenged enough. We though to ourselves, what could we add to this growing zoo that could forever entertain, frustrate, irritate, and all around just drive us nuts? AN ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL!!

Enter, Sir Henry.

You're thinking, awww, how cute. Right? Am I right? Oh yeah, he's cute. This was taken about an hour after he came home to the zoo for the first time. That night, and for every night after that for a week, he wined, barked and howled for 8 hours straight. Resulting in two very grumpy zoo keepers. One unhappy cat. And a freaked out bunny.

Well that was almost a year ago. Here is Henry today.

Yes, that's mud. We'll come back to that later.

The last piece to this puzzle is our current foster bunny, Patch. He and Pumpkin (don't worry, we took their breeding ability away) are currently "dating". By dating I mean, ripping each other's fur out and generally ignoring each other. More on this later also.

Well, here he is. The arranged marriage husband for Pumpkin, Mr. Patch.

It's nearly impossible to get a good picture of this little guy. He. is. always. moving.

So that's it. That's our zoo. For now. :)


Jaime Riddle said...

Well, Patch's courtship sounds a little... rocky :-) Guess it beats misunderstandings, hanging up, and plain old arguing all night ;-)

jscassano said...

This is really cool. I hope this post works! I tried once before but nothing showed up!! Love you all.

Anonymous said...

I was glad that you clarified that you took away their breeding ability. I was starting to think that you and Andy needed your heads examined :)