Thursday, March 6, 2008

# 2 Pumpkin

How, you might ask, did Pumpkin get her name? The shelter we adopted her from called her Butterscotch. It was appropriate because of her color, but it just didn't fit her. It took us a while to come up with, but then we found out that she was going to come home to the Zoo on Halloween, so Pumpkin just really fit.

Nicknames include: Bunny, Boo, Bubby, and Little Girl. Don't ask.

Now most rabbits, including ever rabbit I've had up until now, will eat just about any kind of fruit or veggie you give them. Not Pumpkin however. She is the pickiest eat I've ever seen! The first week we had her, I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't eat her hay. I asked our vet and they of course said, "Here, try this very expensive kind of hay that you will never see in a pet store and we are the only vet within a 100 mile radius that sells it." Of course she loved it. What can I say, she has sophisticated taste!

When it comes to veggies, She only like parsley and carrots. Fruit includes bananas and sometimes a little bit of apple. If it is something other than that, she will pick it up and toss it out of her way as if to say "How dare you, you know I don't like this!"

Recently, before the arrival of her arranged husband, we realized that we only had one rabbit cage. Since you have to introduce rabbits slowly because they fight when getting to know one another, we decided it was time to give Pumpkin a little upgrade. Well, ok, a big upgrade... Did I mention I have the most wonderful husband in the whole world?!? Just throwing that out there...

This is her new condo...

Yes, it's three

We love you, Boo.

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