Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coming up on a year...

Excuse me while I wipe the dust off this blog! 

It's been a crazy, busy, fun, exhausting, exciting, chaotic, lovely, wonderful few months.  I swear this kid grows every day.  She is crawling all over the place, pulling herself up on everything, trying to walk, climb and destroy every inch of our house!  The animals are not so sure about this new, mobile baby.  She follows them around, tries to play with them, steal their toys, and pull their tails!  They are taking it in stride however.  Henry thinks she is fun, Guinevere believes she is just another human servant to wait on her, Arthur avoids her like the plague and Pumpkin ignores her like she ignores all of us!  So all in all, Penny is fitting right in.

But want to hear the craziest thing of all?!?  We are planning Penelope's first birthday party which is less than a month away!!  How crazy is that?!?  And right after that she is heading off to college.  Kidding:)

So, I need some advice from all you bunny people out there in blog world...  The day care that Penny goes to is looking to re-home their rabbit.  He does really well with the kids, is super friendly and patient, but apparently some of the parents are complaining that the cage smells.  They know we are experienced rabbit owners and have asked us if we would take him.  The last thing I want is for him to end up in a shelter so my instinct is to say yes, and I really want to and probably will but I'm trying to decide if I am going to try to bond him with Pumpkin, or just keep them in separate spaces and not try to get them together.  Pumpkin is getting up there in years (she is around 6-7 years old), and Edgar is a 3 year old neutered male.  I would love for Pumpkin to have another friend, but I also don't want to stress her out. 

What do you think?  Should I try to bond them?  Or just enjoy them separately?  Not sure what to do!  What do you think?


Rabbits' Guy said...

Probably they will solve it for you - but maybe some other ideas will show!

Cute kid - good plan getting her set for college asap. Saves going through teen age years!

chloefpuff said...

Bond them.

brandi said...

Try to bond them. I don't think it will stress her out. It could be an instant bond or it could take a year. But it will be good for everyone. Especially the rehomed bunny!

Bunya said...

Lots of random thoughts: Do all your pets live together, in the same space? If so, Edgar may have to get along with everybody, not just the disapproving Pumpkin. If Pumpkin ignores everybody, Edgar may be one of the great "ignoreds" but he may bond with someone else. Edgar may be happy just to have a family that allows him some freedom and loves him. You mention Edgar is fixed but is Pumpkin? If not, she may become more territorial if he comes home. While I would rather Edgar get out of the day care environment, maybe you could help them with "the smell". Are they caring for him properly (e.g., right type of litter)? Bunnies are self-cleaning units so maybe they just need to change his litter box more often or clean it differently (e.g., with a vinegar solution). Good luck! Please let us know what happens.
P.S. Penny is REALLY cute.

Brigid said...

Maybe you can keep them in separate spaces but have an area where they can see each other through a fence. If they get a long that way then you can see about bonding them.

Lalis said...

Hi! First time to your blog, redirected here from A Houseful of Rabbits.

I had a simialr dilemma when I got my second bun, Jamili. At that point, my one bunny was Moshi and he had been a bachelor for four years. Jamili was an unwanted bunny and I also didn't want her to end up at a shelter. My mentality was, "I can try to bond or I can foster until I find her a suitable home."

Well, after six long months I had a succesful bonding. It took a lot of patience though... Moshi was definitely the Alpha bun, but they were adorable together and I was very glad that Moshi had company during the day.

Sadly, my Moshi passed away in June. At that point I was so grateful for Jamili; the emptiness my Moshi left would have been a lot more to bear without a bunny in my home.

So... If I were you, I'd take the bunny and try to bond them. If it doesn't work out, you might find yourself grateful you took the bunny anyway.

Good luck!

RoadBunner said...

I would definitely try to bond them and see where it goes. They may fall in love and end of happy story. I bonded Mario with Chloe and it was not for the faint of heart. I'm not sure if that is typical or not of an experience. I will say, when they were caged separately during the bonding process it was MUCH more work. Two litter boxes, two cages to clean, etc. Having two bunnies living together is not much more work than having just one. So for your own sanity and possibly the buns' happiness (like I said, instant love, maybe) I would definitely give it a go.