Saturday, June 25, 2011

From the less-than-better-half.

Hi everyone -this is the husband...not to worry, Erin is great but it's been a hectic-crazy-silly-funny-stupid-lovely-month. She's coming back soon, but for today you get me.

First - a disapproving bun:

Pumpkin - regardless of the disapproval - is doing well. We've been bringing her up to our first level so she can stay social with the other members of the zoo. She's still the boss - are we really surprised about that?

Now that summer is here, Guinevere and Arthur have discovered the screen door...and the bugs that climb up it. More than once we have caught Arthur scaling Everest (aka the screen door). Now a year old, they are still as crazy and loving as ever.

And of course...

The last animal I'll leave you with is another cat...this one purrs, but very differently and just won first prize at it's own type of show....


Rabbits' Guy said...

Most cats are weird - Not THAT one!!!

RoadBunner said...

Tell Erin we miss her!!

I was going to say the animal shots were top caliber (that is a Grade A bunny disapproval shot) and that you did a good job filling in. That last one is questionable, though... I suppose other male types like Rabbits' Guy approves, though.

Lisa said...

Glad that Pumpkin is doing well and I think it's a good idea to bring her up when you can. Can't believe how big those little girls got! They look great! And Henry looks well! lol.

Congrats to you and the "Cat" on your win! Nice to hear from you Andy!