Thursday, March 3, 2011

New (old) table

I haven't written much about our new house because unlike our first house, we haven't done much to it. Our first house in Rochester was a 1950's cape cod that needed some serious TLC when we bought it. If you look back through the archives of this blog, you'll see some of the work we did.

The house we live in now is actually a townhouse that is only 6 years old, so we haven't had to do much besides paint some walls. Instead, we've been spending our free time (and money) decorating.

Our first big purchase was a nice, big couch. Our living room in this house is much bigger than our last house and our small couch and love seat looked kind of lost in it. So after months of looking and debating, we purchased this sectional.

It fits perfectly in the room and with the addition of a long L-shaped shelf behind the couch that Andy built, and the Ikea wall shelves on the wall, it creates a nice space to hang out in. And the extra seating comes in handy now that we have lots of family nearby!

Our most recent purchase (just this week in fact!) is a new, well, new to us at least, dining room table. We found it at a local antique store. It is a farm table made out of reclaimed barn wood.

It has cracks and knots and even holes in it. We were told it is actually wormwood, which I guess explains the holes:) It is almost a piece of art to look at. I kept saying (jokingly) that I don't want to eat on it, I just want to look at it!

Right now we are using the chairs from our old table and I'm trying to decide if I want new chairs or not. I'm thinking maybe some painted ladder back chairs... what do you think?


Robin said...

I love the table!!!

Rabbits' Guy said...

We'll defer to Shell on the decorating chairs. For now .... WE'RE MOVING IN - PLENTY OF ROOM!

Lisa said...

Love it all!!! I often wish we could clean out our apartment and start fresh with new everything, that way everything would match and actually seem decorated and not just a bunch of hand-me-downs and some frugal purchases I made and some that Jon made.

Enjoy it!

Kdwbellea said...

Hi, could you paint the chairs you have black just to see if you like the look? Sorry if these are Grandma's old chairs and i am suggesting something awful! :)