Sunday, October 24, 2010

They're fine!

A&G are home from their nip/tuck and everyone is fine. They are almost back to normal already. I've been trying to stop them from wrestling all morning! And shooing them away from Henry's food... does anyone else have cats that want to eat dog food all the time??


Rabbits' Guy said...

NOoooo .. ours likes hay, actually!

Hooray for the recovery.

Lisa said...

We have the opposite problem at my parents' house. Dog eats all the cat's food, poor kitty goes hungry, doggie gets nasty fishy farts and diarrhea... tmi?

Reese said...

I have no idea... mine are just stocked with hays. Lots of lots of hays in there rabbit hutches. That is so cute for the cat to like dog food. Good thing if the dog does not get angry and share it with the cat.