Friday, June 18, 2010

My husband is a saint...

For Poppy's 90th birthday, Andy made a picture frame and put in a picture that I took of the whole family last Christmas. It was a joint gift. From both of us. Him and me.

We received a thank you note yesterday. It thanked Andy for the beautiful picture and frame. Said how wonderful it was. How special.

Me: He only thanked you. I mean, I took the picture. And printed it out.
Andy: I told him you took the picture.
Me: I know, but he didn't even mention that. He just said how wonderful it was that you made the frame for him. Nothing about me at all.
Andy: I don't know what to say.
Me: Everybody loves Andy! He's so helpful! He's makes things! He fixes things around the house! He's nice to everyone! My whole family likes you more than they like me!
Andy: That's not true...
Me: I should have married someone lazy and stupid.


Grace said...

LOL, I feel the same way about Shawn sometimes! My family has started referring to him as "Saint Shawn"...I'm like, what am I, a minion of the devil?!?!?! Hehehehe! But I guess that we can be thankful that our fams love our husbands...I'd rather have it that way than the other way around!

Lorna said...

LOL.. Poor Hubby. If he was lazy and useless, you'd never stop nagging him. He can't win. :D