Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chloe is home!

Thank you everyone for the kind messages of support over the past few days. We appreciate it so much! Andy and I picked up Chloe this morning from the vet. We will be giving her IV fluids every day at home to keep her hydrated. She is eating and acting almost normal, just a bit slower, but she gave everyone at the vet hell:) There was a bit "Caution" sign on her cage! We're just happy they were able to help her and that we could bring her home. They said she isn't in pain and that the fluids serve as a kind of dialysis for her kidneys.

Best case scenario, we will have a few more month with her. We're just devastated that her time left is so short, but she's a fighter so we're hoping for the best. We will cherish every day we have with her.


bunnygirl said...

Yay, Chloe for getting this far!

Pix got his kidney diagnosis about two years before he finally passed on, so you never know - Chloe may make liars of those silly vets.

Best wishes to you all.

The Bunns said...

Enjoy Chloe, even if she is a cat. (Cats are weird)

Hef's Mom said...

This happened to my cat when he was about 16, I had him since I was three, and it sure is tough. Sending our best thoughts, enjoy your precious time with her!

Lisa said...

Keep fighting, Chloe, and give those vets a run for their money!

At least Chloe gets to spend her time at home with you (however long or short), instead of in a smelly hospital. I'm sure she's grateful for that.

Grace said...

Yay for Chloe! I'm so glad you guys get to spend some more time with her at home. She's such a great kitty. Give her lots of cuddles and love from Aunt Grace & Uncle Shawn (and from Smokey, although I think hypothetical cuddles are the way to go if Smokey's involved hehe). We'll be thinking about you and praying for you all.

RoadBunner said...

Welcome home, Chloe!!

Mario eagerly awaits some "sitting on things" episodes from you!