Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Audrey Goes to the Car Show

Disclaimer: These are some of the worst pictures I've ever taken. If you continue reading, prepare yourself for the horror that you will find. Consider yourself warned.

Andy and my father-in-law wanted to go to the Philadelphia Auto Show last weekend, so Audrey and I tagged along! Here we are in the car on the way into Philly. There's the art museum!

(See, I wasn't kidding.)

Random blurry shot of Audrey and our GPS... oh yeah, and Philly of course.

Look! It's Chinatown!

Me and Audrey in a Smart Car.

(Ok, I can't be blamed for this one because Andy took it. So there.)

Look! A halfway decent picture of a really expensive car!

After the car show, we met Matt & Robin for dinner and a trip to Ikea. Audrey checked out some furniture...

...posed with crazy... I mean Robin!

And visited with the other animals!


Rabbits' Guy said...

You CAN't take a bad picture with Audrey in it!

(I was just getting my nerve up to ask if maybe Henry had gotten Audrey and .... well ... you know ....)

Hef's Mom said...

Who's this Henry RG? I hope you just misspelled Hef because he is still waiting for his new years kiss!
Audrey can try photos again at our Auto show if she is here for it.

bunnygirl said...

That looks like a fun outing for Audrey. I hope she liked the car show!

The Bunns said...

Hef, calm down. Henry is a BIG barker that lives there at The Zoo ... he is usually friendly and calm, but you never can tell, we're just sayin' ..........

RoadBunner said...

Audrey can now die a happy bunny. She has been to IKEA!

I really like the GPS photo. Something about the look on Audrey's face and her cute scarf :)