Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Bunday

Here is P&P's new house. Its pretty much the same as the one they had in Rochester, but it's one cube bigger. They love it so far. We've set them up in our new finished basement along with our office so they have lots of company down here:) A also created a pen for them so they can run around and Henry can be down here at the same time. They are doing binkies as I type this:)


d. moll, said...

Binkies! sound like you done right by them ( at least for the tim being) :~)

The Bunns said...

We are doing some binkies for you too! New house - good for all!

(but say, don't you sort of slide to the right if you relax your grip?)

RoadBunner said...

One cube bigger?! Definitely moving up in the world! Mario is jealous :)