Monday, August 24, 2009

Goodbye Rochester

So a lot has happened since I last wrote... We moved out of and sold our house in Rochester, we went on vacation to Cape Cod, we moved into my father-in-law's house in PA, we've seen lots of family and friends, and Andy started his new job!

Moving is such a pain in the butt. We decided to do this move ourselves because frankly, hiring movers is SOOOOO expensive. So we rented a trusty UHaul, and hired two guys to help us load it in Rochester and unload into a storage unit in PA. We have sold our house in NY but we won't close on our new house in PA until September 25th, so we had to find somewhere to store everything in between. We are living with Andy's dad in between houses, and I have to say, the man is a saint! He not only welcomed us into his home for a month in a half, but all four of our animals as well! Pumpkin and Patch have a space in the basement that they, of course, disapprove of, Chloe has taken over the whole house, and Henry has decided that Dad is his new best friend. Dad works from home, so Henry now spends all day right next to his desk on an arm chair, sleeping and barking at things out the window. It's very cute.

So, it will be a while still till we're settled in our new home, but we're excited for this new part of our lives together. Andy's new job is going very well. It's only week 2 but he loves it! I've started looking for a new job as well, but mostly concentrating on finishing up all the paperwork for buying our new house. So, that's it for now! I'll keep you all updated, and I promise to get some more picutes up here too:)

The truck full with everything we own!

Empty living room :(

Goodbye to our first home!


RoadBunner said...

Glad to hear the move went well!!

bunnygirl said...

It's great to see you posting and to know everyone is doing well. Good luck with the closing!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Glad you made it this far! You did a lot of nice work on that first home! Looks nice for the next guys.

So now we will all watch the next move-in and stuff!

The Bunns give some sniffs and licks to P and P ... A little to Henry ... not Chloe .. they think cats are weird!