Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving recap

So, not surprisingly, Chloe jumped up on the table after I set it. As soon as we could smell the turkey cooking, she. would. not. leave. She hung around all day, which is weird for her, because usually between the dog and the strangers in her house (not that anyone who was here is really a stranger), she almost always hides upstairs and watches from afar. But not when there is turkey to be had! She was on the table and the counter tops trying to get that turkey all day. I know I shouldn't let her be up there, but I feel guilty. We brought a dog into her house! I had to lean up on the rules a little:)

I had to bribe Henry to get him to sit here. And then I had to give them both some turkey. I think everyone gave Henry turkey that day. And I know this because he didn't eat his dinner!

Henry LOVES!!!!! Matt and Robin. Whenever either of them sit down, he jumps right up on them for a cuddle and a warm lap to sleep on.

On Saturday we went out and cut down a Christmas tree! Here is Andy and his dad putting it in the stand. As you can probably tell, I'm very helpful with things like this. I'm helpful by staying out of the way and taking pictures:)

Hope your holiday was fun! Won't be long now till Christmas! We're going on a road trip to PA and CT with Henry! Traveling with Henry is always fun. He makes a long car ride more entertaining. The rest of the zoo will stay home and have someone else slave over them for a change:)


Rabbits' Guy said...

Love your picture of Henry and Chloe .. looks like a classic family holiday dinner photo!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Chloe and Henry had a yummy Thanksgiving feast! It must have made their day :)

Have fun on your road trip!! Hopefully the bunnies won't disapprove of being left behind :p

Paige said...

Ooooohhh so fun. We cut down our tree this weekend too!

Have fun! Merry Christmas!