Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Card

Princess Chloe graced our Christmas card this year!

This picture was actually taken a few years ago at my parent's house. It was the winter we moved from CT to NY. Andy had already started his job here and I was still finishing up at my job in CT so I stayed with my parent's through the holidays. Chloe was our only pet then and we decided she should stay with me in CT since A would be working long hours at his new job and living in temporary housing. My parent's house has a big, long window seat in the family room, with big picture windows, perfect for watching the local deer and wild turkeys grazing out in the yard. But, my mom always sets up her Christmas village set on the window seat because it's the perfect area to do it. Well, that didn't stop Chloe from looking out the window! At least once a day, she would plant herself in the middle of the village and look out the window to her heart's content! I snapped this picture of her one time and I have always wanted to use it on our Christmas card since, so this year, Chloe gets to wish all our friends and family Merry Christmas!


RoadBunner said...

How sweet! She looks so regal :)

Anonymous said...

Well.. we don't see any bunnies in the picture.. BUT it's still a good pic :D Merry Christmas, Chloe and everyone at the Zoo!!

The Bunns said...

It is a pretty card picture. But still .... cats are weird.