Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Bunday

Me: "Hello Miss Pumpkin. We're going to have some visitors this week. Are you going to be friendly to them?"
Pumpkin: "I disapprove of visitors."
Me: "I know my dear, but they are coming so we should make them feel welcome. It is Thanksgiving after all."
Pumpkin: "No. Now go get me some Craisins. And some banana."
Me: "Ok sweetie. I can't argue with that face."


bunnygirl said...

Does Pumpkin disapprove of nose kisses? She looks like she needs one.

Anonymous said...

That is some very intense disapproval! You're right about not arguing with her!

d. moll, said...

What a face, indeed, go fetch the treats ! ! ! ! ! I'm not sure why, but I keep thinking of Queen Elizabeth, she brings a certain royal air to her disapproval....

Rabbits' Guy said...

When Pumpkin speaks ... obey.

However, I bet Pumpkin actally has some fun with the visitors .. probably smoe special treats there too!