Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Big Clean

So the big clean was successful. We didn't do so much rearranging as much as we did move object, clean behind object, replace object to where it originally was. And believe me internet when I tell you, I could make a whole other rabbit with the amount of hair that my vacuum sucked up. It was Gross with a capital G. Let's just say we had to replace the vacuum bag at least once, almost twice.

A couple objects did get rearranged though and the buns have spent the past few days inspecting, chinning and disapproving of the object's new locations. I moved one of their cardboard boxes to the other side of the room and it's like a whole new toy! They're acting like they've never seen it before.

The other major discovery (besides the third rabbit) was the DESTRUCTION that these two have left in their paths. After moving A's desk to clean behind it, we discovered that they have chewed the back legs of it. The ones that are out of view unless you move it. Smart buns that they are... if you chew the legs that are out of sight, the humans won't notice right away and you can get away with it for months!

So, even thought they have made their disapproval well know, the new rule at the Zoo is if no one is home, the buns need to be in their condo. I know, I know, mean mama and papa. But the fact is, THEY ARE OUT OF CONTROL! Well, really Patch is out of control. I also cleaned up the basement this weekend and found another path of destruction left by Patch when he sneaks down there. We had some extra carpeting and carpet padding that was left over from when we re-carpeted the stairs. Mr. Patch found the carpet padding and has torn most of it to shreds. Again, cleverly hidden behind some boxes so mama couldn't see it right away thereby allowing us to get away with it till now. I also found a few little piles of destroyed things in other corners. I can't even tell you what they once were.

So, no more free range buns until they can learn to behave! They now get an hour or two in the morning out of the cage before we go to work and a few hours in the evening before we go to bed. I don't consider this cruel and unusual punishment but I'm sure Pumpkin and Patch would disagree. Or disapprove. Either way, I'm bigger, so I win.


bunnygirl said...

Sneaky buns! Tidbit did that to us, too, tearing up the carpet behind the sofa all the way to the baseboard when we were living in an apartment. Thank goodness we were there so long the management was going to replace the carpet as a matter of course or it would've been one expensive bunny trick!

Anonymous said...

There's a whole lot of destruction going on here as well. No matter how thorough we are, the bunnies still manage to find something to secretly destroy!

The Bunns said...

Heh Heh Heh .... bigger is NOT smarter!!!!!