Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hay! Kibble!

Well, I finally got sick of running to the vet every two days to get more hay and kibble for the buns. I also did the math and figured out it's cheaper to just order online in bulk. If we run out next month, then I'll know they truly are mutant bunnies that can eat 100 times their weight in hay...

You're lookin' at 50 lbs of hay and 50 lbs of kibble. Patch really wanted to dive head first into it and roll around but I said he had to resist. He's now sulking in the corner.

I went to Target and bought the biggest plastic tub they had and it still didn't fit all the hay, but it fits most of it. I'm still looking for a good container to keep all this kibble in. What do you use?

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Rabbits' Guy said...

We buy the OxBow in 10 lb bags and just leave it in them sealed up. Can't you do the same with the big one maybe?

We also keep our hay closed in a big plastic bag and just put out a big handful every day. Guess maybe it stays fresh longer.

P and P are in high cotton now!!!!