Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So every year, A's orchestra plays at a baseball game. It's a really fun night and I always make sure I can go. It's a minor league farm team, but it's a nice stadium and there is really good food that's not too, too pricey and of course, some good music and fireworks at the end.

We never actually make it to our seats because they have all these picnic tables right near the food and we usually end up camped out at one for the whole game with other staff members and orchestra musicians. It's fun to catch up with everyone, have a beer and a hot dog... and fries... and Dip n' Dots... and maybe some cotton candy... and then to chase it all with some Tums... because of course, I made myself sick.

Anyhoo... so we're sitting on a picnic table, gorging ourselves on junk food when I look over and see this sign...

Don't get me wrong here people. I know nut allergies are a serious thing. But seriously?? SERIOUSLY??? A "nut free zone"?? At a baseball park?? Where you are practically required to eat peanuts in the shell? Where they pretty much issue you your bag of peanuts on the way in the park? If you're that allergic, why would you even go to a baseball park in the first place? I mean, you KNOW there's going to be peanuts and if people are eating then, they're going to touch things and then the oil is everywhere and so on. So just don't go! Why do we need a "nut free zone"? Ok, I'm done. I promise.

Here is my honey. Oh how I love him. Look at how he shows his love for me when I want to take his picture. What a sweet man. I'm so lucky.

That little logo under his finger there? That says Wegman's. Best. Grocery. Store. Ever. If you don't live near one right now, I suggest you move.

A is demanding that I inform you that he was joking around when I took this picture. I told him he looks cute and to shut it:)

Our team lost, but it was fun to watch anyway.

I need a better camera, but this is actually the orchestra playing, taken from the other side of the ball park. Overall, a very fun night.

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Rabbits' Guy said...

About as good as it gets in the summer!!!!