Thursday, May 15, 2008

Holding my breath

So I submitted my application for business school yesterday. That was a scary moment. I keep thinking about what I'll do if I don't get in. That is, besides crying. This is one of those life changing events. It I get in, and I take the classes and graduate, I could get a really good job and go on to do lots of different things. But if I don't get in, and I stop taking classes and keep working in my current job, then what? A keeps telling me to relax, that I'm going to get in and everything will be fine, but what if I don't?!?

I need to stop thinking about it. But I can't! I have class tonight and I just keep thinking what a big waste of time this is if I don't get in. Ok, enough.

So Mr. Henry has all of a sudden become Mr. Stinky. He must have gotten into something outside because he stinks! And he's making my house stink! I've gone through almost a whole bottle of Febreze. I called to get him an appointment at the groomers for a bath and a haircut this weekend and I had to call 3 places before I could find one that had a Saturday appointment open! Must be a busy time for groomers. Lots of shedding going on. We're luck Henry doesn't shed much. He just gets stinky.


Grace said...

Stinky Henry!!! LOL. Remember when Maggie got sprayed by the skunk when we were in high school??

Don't stress about getting into business school. Easier said than done, I know, but I'm sure you will be fine!

Rabbits' Guy said...


I guess there are other business schools!

Erin said...

There are other business schools, but only this one is free!

Erin said...

I do remember when Maggie got sprayed by the skunk!! My mom was so mad:)