Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Money Pit

Everyone always tells you that when you buy a house it eats all your money. I think for the first year we owned our house, we went to the Home Depot every weekend. Usually more than once. And maybe Lowes also. It's there so you must compare prices, right? Can I just tell you, I loathe the Home Depot. And A loves it. He can spend hours in there walking around, getting ideas for projects, picking out the perfect dimmer switch. After about 30 seconds, I start dragging my feat and pouting and saying "are you done? No? How about now?" This inevitably results in A mysteriously disapearing and me calling his cell phone 1523 times in a row and him not answering. What a fun was to spend an afternoon!

Anyway, A woke me up this morning and said "we have a leak". I knew right away it was going to be one of those days...

The drain pipes for the tub had started to leak and there is now a hole in the ceiling of Pumpkin's room (AKA our office). A is home right now trying to fix the drain so we can shower and will also be replacing a big chunk of ceiling at some point. Then he has to go get our taxes done. Fun!

Here is our zoo... our money pit...

In good news, my finals are over and I got my grades and I did well so I'm happy! I start classes again next week, but this week is all about being lazy and catching up on tv shows I've missed:) Henry and I caught a riveting episode of The Bachelor last night. Very exciting stuff. (ok not really)

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The Bunns said...

Pumpkin and Patch .. great name for that pair. We will check in more often and see if they have totally run you out of house and money! Henry looks OK, but he IS a dog ... sniff.