Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Henry

My little boy is 1 year old today. I greeted him this morning with a big hug and let him lick my face as this is his most favorite thing to do. He spend all weekend trying to lick Granddad's face with no success so really, this was the greatest birthday present Henry could have asked for.

Yesterday was Easter and since A's dad had to head home, we spent most of the day just the two of us and our kids. We took Henry for a walk and played fetch in the big field behind the school in our neighborhood. The snow is melting so the field was nice and muddy, AKA, springer heaven. The only thing better than licking faces is chasing a tennis ball in a muddy, wet field. We were all quite dirty by the time we wandered home.

After dinner, we all settled down on the couch, Henry asleep on our feet and watched a movie called "Eight Below". In case you haven't seen it, it is about a dog team in Antarctica. The people get evacuated because of a bad storm that is coming in and the eight dogs have to be left behind because they can't fit them on the plane. The dogs are left alone for over 150 days in the harshness of winter before their owner can get back to them. I looked down at Henry, asleep on my feet, dreaming of chasing the cat, and thought to myself, I would totally go to Antarctica to rescue you.

We love you Henry. Happy Birthday.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Don't go a forgettin' Pumpkin and Patch now!!! Even though that Henry is a good-un!

Grace said...

Happy belated birthday Henry! Auntie Grace & Uncle Shawn love you!

That is such a cute picture of him...I love close-up doggy-nose pictures. Yay! How was that movie? It looked cute & I am looking for more stuff to put on the Netflix...